The Next Fashion Muse: Ben Wishaw

It's been over a year since Ben Whishaw filmed his debut as Q in Bond movie Skyfall.
And just a few months after the film's actual release, The Hour star admits he's still getting used to being a part of such a big franchise.
As he models for the new issue of Mr Porter, the 32-year-old admits he didn't get the chance to meet Dame Judi Dench, aka M, until the film's world premiere in London last October.

He said: 'We actually never met on set for Bond, Judi and I. I think it was at the premiere that we first managed to say hello to one another properly.
'That whole Bond experience pretty much blew my mind - if only for my realisation of the insatiable global appetite for James Bond. His legacy will go on far longer than any of ours.'
Although Ben's star has been steadily rising with acclaimed performances in Bright Star, Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer and Brideshead Revisited, he admits he attempts to live a normal life.

He explained: 'I just keep myself to myself, mostly. Perhaps that's why people don't see me as this larger-than-life... celebrity.'
Although he does get recognised in the street sometimes - he admits he doesn't have many over-zealous fans like some of his higher-profile contemporaries.
He said: 'I do get stopped on the street, and they always have something lovely to say. Someone was talking to me about that poor girl in the Twilight films - Kirsten, is it?


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