Adam Driver for VMan Spring 2015

“There’s something about not being satisfied…I think some of it is probably genetic. I really enjoy the process. Which is a lie, I guess, because I hate the process! I hate the waiting to actually do the thing. Then while we’re doing it I hate it, because I’m not satisfied. It’s torturous. And you’re trying to find a way to live your life better while you’re doing it, and then your emotions get the better of you—and then you have to sell the things and walk down a carpet in a fancy suit that makes you feel uncomfortable. Or you go to the store and walk out with a bag and somebody chases you! (I remember that day, that guy.) And you can’t act alone in a room, you know? So you have to rely on other people, as much as talking to people scares the shit out of me. So that’s all bad.” -Adam Driver-

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